Finishing technique

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Focus on Finishing
The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials
Stitch-Creations (オランダ語?、サイドバーのOnline Workshopにリスト有)
Lynn B 's finishing instructions for cross stitch
Maddy Moo's Finishing Class
Creative Poppy (Stitcher resources)
Aula Milpuntadas

Link list :
Tutorial Links « Focus on Finishing

Accessory case :
Aula Milpuntadas [>Tutorials>Papelera]

Biscronu :
Annette's Acre [>LESSONS>Biscornu]
Finishing School [>Biscornu Class]
La Fée Rie [>Tutorials>Biscornu(pdf)]
Own Two Hands […>Biscornu instructions and patterns]
The Floss Box [>(Articles)June-Sept 2009>Biscornu Tutorial]
戸塚刺しゅう研究所 [>作品を作ってみよう!>八角形のピンクッション]
Stitch-Creations [>(Online Workshop (free))Biscornu] 15-sided
Lynn B 's finishing instructions for cross stitch [...>Biscornu finishing instructions]
Creative Poppy [>STITCHER RESOURCES>How to make a biscornu (whip stitch method)]
Creative Poppy [>STITCHER RESOURCES>How to make a biscornu - with contrasting material]
Aula Milpuntadas [>Tutorials>Biscornú]
Tintock Tap [>Tutorials15 sided biscornu; >TutorialsAlternative 15 sided biscornu] 15-sided
Kathrin's Blog [...>Finishing Instructions] 15-sided
Tiny Modernist [...>How to Stitch a Biscornu]

Bookmark :
Annette's Acre [>LESSONS>Bookmark]
La Fée Rie [>Tutorials>Bookmark(pdf)]
Aula Milpuntadas [>Tutorials>Marcapáginas]

Cube :
The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials […>Cube Finish]
Aula Milpuntadas [>Tutorials>Cubo]

Fingertip :
Stitch-Creations [>(Online Workshop (free))Muisje / mice]

Flatfold :
The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials […>The Folding Easel Tutorial (Flatfold)]
Meari's Musings […>Flatfold Class]

Floss Ring Tag :
Floss Ring Tag Tutorial [>Step by Step Tutorial]
snippets and stash [>(TUTORIALS)Floss Ring Tag]
The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials […>Vonna's Twist on the Floss Tag Tutorial]
Stitch-Creations [>(Online Workshop (free))Floss-tag]
Creative Workshops from Hetti [>Workshop Floss Tag]

Fob :
Annette's Acre [>LESSONS>Scissor Fob]
La Fée Rie [>Tutorials>Key Fob(pdf)]
Aula Milpuntadas [>Tutorials>Buscatijeras]

Framing :
The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials […>How To Frame Your Needlework....]
A Stitchinaddiction […>Framing Tutorial – Pin Method]
刺繍枠で飾る (刺しゅう枠を使って)

Humbug :
La Fée Rie [>Tutorials>Humbug(pdf)]
Plush [>Humbug tutorial]
Creative Workshops from Hetti [>Workshop Kippetje / Humbug]

Mailart :
Meari's Musings […>Mailart Tutorial]

Mattress pincushion :
The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials […>Mattress Pincushion/Pinkeep]

Needlebook :
Focus on Finishing […>Needlebook Class]
La Fée Rie [>Tutorials>Needlebook(pdf)]
LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE ... […>Игольница-книжка - мастер-класс]
Aula Milpuntadas [>Tutorials>Campana; >Tutorials>Portaagujas]

Needleroll :
Focus on Finishing […>Needlerolls - Class]
Stitch-Creations [>(Online Workshop (free))Naaldenrol]

Ornament / Wallhanging :
Focus on Finishing […>Christmas Ornament Tutorial]
Focus on Finishing […>No Sew Wallhanging Class]
The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials […>Vonna's Flat Wool Felt Mounted Ornament]
Aula Milpuntadas [>Tutorials>Corazón]
Fun Stitch Blog […>Christmas Ornament ~仕立て~]

Pillow :
Lynn B 's finishing instructions for cross stitch [...>Instructions for little oblong pillow in pink and blue]
Lynn B 's finishing instructions for cross stitch [...>A little tuffett pillow] tuffett pillow

Pin cube :
Stitch-Creations [>(Online Workshop (free))Speldenblokje / pin cube]

Pincushion :
The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials […>Making a Pincushion]

Pinkeep :
Focus on Finishing […>Pinkeep - Class]
The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials […>Vonna's Pinkeep]
Aula Milpuntadas [>Tutorials>Pinkeep]

Pouch :
NHK宮崎放送局 […>テレホンカードでパックンポーチ]
Aula Milpuntadas [>Tutorials>Bolsita]

Sachet :
Creative Workshops from Hetti [>Workshop Geurzakje]

Scissor case :
La Fée Rie [>Tutorials>Scissor Case(pdf)]
Sylvia`s […>Scherentasche und Scherenfinder]
Creative Poppy [>STITCHER RESOURCES>How to make a scissor case, step by step.]

Stitcher's book :
Violarium [>Finishing instructions>Stitcher's book finishing instructions]

Stockings :
The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials […>Blackbird Stockings Series...]

Strawberry fob:
Focus on Finishing […>Strawberry Fob Finishing Class]
M M […>Az eper befejezése - How to finish the strawberry?]